Brand Values

KJP is an independent, homewares brand, with a focus on growing slowly and responsibly.

When the brand began in 2018, Katherine was screen printing and producing all of the home textiles products herself - using organic, Oeko-tex certified linens and cottons, and printing with Oeko-tex certified, water based inks. While this meant that growth and production was slower than if we'd outsourced production to factories in Asia or the Middle East, it ensured that our products were being made with a clear conscience and a far smaller carbon footprint.

Fast forward to 2021 and, while a few things may have changed, the core values of the brand are still very much the same. We've outsourced to responsible, local manufacturers here in Europe, who we're able to work with on smaller production runs to keep waste/excess stock to a minimum. Having our suppliers in the EU also means that we're able to go and see the process for ourselves, check that everything is running as we've been told it is, and meet the amazing people making our products. We're still using the same fabrics and inks/dyes as when production was in house too, but of course if you have any questions about our products and how they're made, please feel free to email us at, and we'll do our best to talk you through it.

So, in what other ways are we trying to be responsible?  We don't believe in changing with the seasons and trends, especially not for homewares. Instead, we want to make pieces that will be kept and loved for years to come - which is why you might not always see exciting new products on here!